Martin Field 2011-02-10T04:44:14+00:000000001428201102 Food and Wine

A couple of (sceptical?) correspondents have asked whether my weight loss regime took a dive over the Christmas festivities. The answer, strangely, is no.

My weight has bottomed out at a loss of 13.5kg (two stone in the old currency) since late September 2010. That’s over 14% of my long time body weight. The doc says that blood pressure is now lowish rather than high, that blood tests are well within normal ranges and show that I am no longer pre diabetic.

Sweet stuff and sweet wine remain permanently off the menu – but that minor self-denial seems to have been worth it. Now I can buy my shirts and jeans from the M size selection at the local op-shop, rather than from the L and XL racks.

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