Wine and food predictions for 2011

Predictions for 2011


For what it’s worth, I reckon that in 2011, Australian wine drinkers will get over their flirtation with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

My crystal decanter tells me that the trend will be towards stylish dry rosés, pinot gris, medium priced bubblies and pinot noir.


On a lighter note, the food tosspot ‘Gosh!’ reaction to novelties, such as liquid nitrogen cuisine, faux froth and bubbles, and skid-marks of garishly tinted gel on plates, will wear off rapidly.

They will instead adopt “Nuclear Cuisine”. This will involve eating irradiated, fluorescing delicacies that glow on plates in darkened, ultra-violet lit dining rooms.

New taste sensations will include genetically modified flesh from hybridised chimeras.

Look out for the Squeep: a ten-legged sheep/squid cross that will prove most popular on surf ‘n turf menus. Not to mention the Beefdaloo: a breed of pre-curried cattle whose genes have been spliced with genetic material from various curry spice varieties.

Commercial in confidence restrictions prevent me revealing more but let me just say, gastronoughts are in for a very exciting 2011.

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