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A Night in Slovenia

Posted by Mike Tommasi on 14 March 2005 in Wine

On Tuesday evening the 8th of march, my friend Tomaz Srsen came to fetch me at Ljubljana airport, this was the beginning of a very tasty evening. Back in the ‘80s Tomaz used to be the bassist of Slovenia’s top rock group, today he is a wine and food critic but still looks like a bassist… he also write a guide of Slovenia’s top 110 restaurants; 110 in a country of 2 million people? It strikes me that this is the equivalent of citing the 3000 best restaurants in France. This evening we are going to one of the best, the Gostilna pri Danilu at Škofja Loka, a few kilometres outside Ljubljana.

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March Lunch Notes from Vancouver

Posted by Bill Spohn on 13 March 2005 in Wine Tasting

Lunch this month was as interesting as ever.

1998 Devil’s Lair Margaret River Chardonnay – this one fooled many of us into thinking it was something else. Bit of citrus in the nose and some vanilla, medium body and quite crisp at the end. Not exactly what you expect in an Oz Chard.

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1990 Bordeaux

Posted by Bill Spohn on 11 March 2005 in Wine Tasting

Notes from a very enjoyable dinner-tasting of Bordeaux of the 1990 vintage. These wines have always seemed to me to be more fruit forward and ‘Californian’ in approach, if you will, than the more classic and arguably more austere 1988 and 1989 vintages that together make up this wonderful triptych of Bordeaux.

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Springtime in California

Posted by Dana on 2 March 2005 in Wine

I’m delighted and honored to have been invited by Mike, and I haven’t been very good about participating yet :-( Too much work, too much grey weather here, too distracted.

However – this must change! Living in the Napa/Solano area means it is easy to visit wineries outside the context of a holiday. In fact, there are many wineries I’ve driven past for years because I take them for granted. Silly me.

As spring soon explodes, it will be time to catch up with those places I’ve missed and this blog is a catalyst to share those experiences.


A Bordeaux Dinner with Friends

Posted by Bill Spohn on 2 March 2005 in Wine Tasting

Notes from a recent dinner with friends:

With amuse-bouches:

1996 Pol Roger Blanc de Chardonnay – nice and yeasty, with a fresh lemony presentation. I tend to prefer Champagnes made with the usual red varietals as they tend to have more character, but this blanc de blanc was very good and drinking well now.

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What’s that all about?

Posted by Martin Field on 1 March 2005 in Wine

Australian wine writers will persist in using language in wine reviews that is incomprehensible to most of their readers. How do I know? I read out bits of reviews to my introductory wine classes and ask them if they know what the reviewers mean. Most often they don’t.

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